Zivid is the world’s most accurate real-time 3D color camera

Defining the future of 3D machine vision

Zivid with its unique specifications can be the eyes of your robot, ensure more robust performance and enable automation of tasks that were previously difficult or impossible to automate.

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Zivid brings speed of random bin-picking up to 1000+ picks an hour

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Meet Zivid

The 3D camera for the next generation of industrial automation

Award winning

Zivid One has received numerous awards for its technical features and design implementation, including:

"Top Innovation"
by inVISION Magazine

"Gold Honoree 3D Camera"
by Vision Systems Design

"Product Design Winner"
by Red Dot

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Zivid Applications

Zivid comes in a rugged, compact and lightweight industrial packaging ready to be mounted in production lines, directly on a robot arm or in the robot’s vicinity.

  • Object recognition and classification
  • Dimensioning and space management
  • Pick and place automation
  • Warehouse and logistics
  • Automatic Kitting
  • Robotic Assembly Operations
  • Automatic processing of food
  • In-line quality control and inspection
  • Research and development

And many other applications!


  • Air-tight and
    intelligent cooling
  • Full RGB 3D
    color camera
  • Active lighting for
    texture-less objects
  • High Dynamic Range
    Rapid Electronic Iris
  • Resolution


  • Acquisition rate


  • Output

    3D + RGB

  • Imaging


2.3 Mpixel 3D RGBD image
(X,Y,Z and R,G,B for each pixel)
Acquisition rate
≥ 10 Hz
100 ms snapshots
Field of view
780 x 490 mm @ 1.1m
425 x 267 mm @ 0.6m
Optimal working distance
0.6 - 1.1m
Depth resolution
0.1mm @ 0.6m
Software APIs
C++, C#, .NET, Python, MATLAB
Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Rugged aluminum
Dust & water resistant
226 x 165 x 86 mm
2 kg
Input voltage
24V DC
Interfaces &
USB 3.0: Data I/O
M12-5: Power + Status
M12-8: Sync In + Sync Out
Available USB 3.0
3m, 5m, 10m, 25m
PC Requirements
DirectX 11 compatible graphics card
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Zivid was founded in 2015 by Henrik and Øystein, two former SINTEF senior researchers. With more than 60 years of in-house experience within optical sensors and 3D machine vision, Zivid Labs enables new and existing applications to be automated, and we help our customers to improve efficiency and reduce cost in areas like quality control, bin-picking, logistics, and inspection.

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